Friday, June 4, 2010

New stuff

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Thursday, April 1, 2010


For anyone that doesn't already know or know of my younger sister, Julie, she is amazing. Her love, strength and how she handles some of life's most difficult trials is truly an inspiration and blessing to me in my life! For those of you that don't have the privledge to meet or even get to know her, there is still a chance for you to feel of her amazing spirit. Just follow the links on my blog to access hers. Her last post was full of such strength and hope you can't help but to feel blessed and lucky to even lucky to take a quick peek in on her life.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Favorite Things About Kellene

I can't believe that Kellene is now 3 years old. Where has the time gone?!? It has been a fun 3 years and each day with her gets even more fun and exciting!
Here are some of our favorite things about this vivacious little 3 year old.
1. She is always happy and is very even tempered.
2. She loves to be goofy and loves to make us laugh. When she is in a goofy mood she will often look at me and say "Mommy, I crazy!"
3. She still says when she wants to be held, "Mommy, hold you". I still can't bring myself to correct her, I love it!!!
4. She loves everyone unconditionally, including her uncle Ryan's friends.
5. She loves to give hugs and kisses.
6. She loves to jump! She will jump anywhere and on anything. We bought her a small trampoline for this reason.
7. She is a fish! The little girl loves to swim and will swim herself into hypothermia if we would let her.
8. She loves to go camping. She always gets excited when we get the trailer out.
9. She loves to be outside. She started skiing last year and all she can talk about right now is snow and going skiing.
10. She has more energy than any other kid her age. Her nursery teacher says she will often run circles around the table when it is snack time while the other kids eat

Kellene as a newborn

This is one of our favorite pictures of her around her 6 months birthday that Aunt Julie took. We think it should be on a greeting card!

Kellene 1 year

Kellene 2 year

Kellene 3 year


Monday, November 9, 2009

Kellene 3rd Birthday and 3yr pictures

I can't believe our little angel is already 3 years old. Her birthday fell on Sunday this year so we had a little with just Mommy and Daddy. We have a small party planned when Uncle Ryan gets back to go bowling.

Kellene ready for church on her birthday

Excited about opening her presents

After opening her kitty cat that does all the movements of a real cat, she insisted that the kitty watch her open the rest of her presents and positioned her so she could

The Wonder Pets flyboat turned out to be her favorite present

Her puppy dog from Aunt Mariann, Uncle Pat and cousins Chloe and Malea

Getting excited for her birthday cake

Happy Birthday to you!

Eating birthday cake while watching a new movie she got for her birthday

Kellene's 3 yr pictures

Friday, September 4, 2009

Oregon Coast '09

Here are our pictures from our family vacation to the Oregon Coast. We had a blast and we were able to get together with Nate's entire family for only the 2nd time in the 7 years we have been married! Kellene loved her uncle Michael and her cousins!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rodeo Girl

I decided to take Kellene to the Days of 47 rodeo tonight. She loved all the horses and the cows. Her favorite part was the monkey that rode the sheep dog while herding some goats. I just loved watching her.

Mommy and Kellene before the rodeo

Kellene showing off her cowgirl hat and her new light sword

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Kellene started Gymnastics a couple of weeks ago and she loves it. She calls it "nastics". She had to have a leotard for her classes, and those who know me, know I have a camo fetish. So here is Kellene's "nastics" outfit, complete with a nastics ponytail.